Sad WhatsApp quotes in English for him her

Sad WhatsApp Quotes in English

It doesn’t matter whether you are happy or unhappy, but the most important thing is you share your feelings and emotions with others. Sharing your feelings will increase your connectivity with others and will make you feel much better than before. If you don’t know about how you can do it, here we have some of the best sad quotes for WhatsApp status. The status of boys / women will reduce your sadness and inspire you to be happy. So, here are some new sad status and sad status in English that you should share to describe your sadness.

Sad WhatsApp status

It’s very difficult to forget someone and especially when he is one of the people you love. If something is wrong with you and you are not happy, you don’t need to worry. Here we feel whatsapp status is sad for you. This love is filled with WhatsApp status will help you a lot to express your feelings in front of the person you want. You can send this sad WhatsApp status for girls / boys you want. Below are some sad status for WhatsApp that you can share with anyone on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and on other platforms.

Painful and sad WhatsApp quotes

If my eyes show my soul, everyone, when they see me smile, will cry with me.

My soul hurts, I feel in a coma, eat caused by deep sadness I feel.

Have I ever had an imaginary friend? No, I have a friend that I imagined right.

He who strongly believed was very disappointed.

At that time you need help, but suffer alone, so as not to disturb anyone.

One tiring day hiding our sad side. The problem is not a scar.

The problem is to see them and remember who left it.

Busy bees don’t have time for sadness.

Sad time! It’s easier to destroy atoms than prejudice.

I prefer to suffer because he abstanded rather than suffering because love never existed.

The saddest life hours are people where we doubt ourselves.

I am sad about absurd sadness. Very sad. I could barely bear it, but it worked. Whatsapp status

Being sad is natural, but to bear heartache is the worst of misfortune!

When the pain no longer fits in the chest overflowing through the eyes.

Violence the moment of sadness conveyed lessons to us for life!

Sad is you bet all your chips on someone who hasn’t bet on you.

I wake up in the way I come to the world: sad and without understanding anything …

If I can go back to time, I will not even be born.

Sometimes I say it’s okay when I’m very sad …!

From sadness to sadness, many finally make it their identity!

Ignored, the worst feeling ever.

The saddest thing is that the world knows that you are not a reason for someone’s special smile!

Only bcoz I’m not angry, that doesn’t mean you have to make me cry at any time!

alone and sad whatsapp quotes in english

Even if you are sad, just smile. Don’t let other people get happiness from your sadness!

We have lived together for eighteen years to date. Eight years with him by my side and ten more with him in heaven.

Love is suicide no later than, and you can’t stop it, even though it kills you inside, you just have to live with all the pain until it ends up !!!!

The saddest thing in this universe is knowing that your loved ones don’t love you and have chosen other people.

You can’t please everyone.

Do you know what is sad? That’s when you don’t have anyone but pillow to put your head when you cry.

Sadness is when technology makes you out of real life pleasure.

The worst feeling in the world is knowing that you don’t have anyone to support you. Even family and friends.

The betrayal is the worst thing that someone can experience. This is only known by someone who has experienced it. Sad status WhatsApp

The worst is knowing that you are the reasons of being loved tears.

The worst kind of heartbreak we have ever experienced is hurting words from loved ones. To learn how to control your tongue.

It feels terrible knowing that you try many times and give the best and still fail.

The saddest feeling in the world is knowing that you lose the battle. Life battle !!

Is there a way to go there, where the smile I have is …

When we start liking it, then other people do the same thing .

The beloved we can take us out of loneliness

Alone is not a problem, but the pain is lonely

If you don’t want lonely, don’t try to fix other people …

Friendship is a drug for loneliness

Sometimes pain also benefits us

Make some friends, only those who can cure lonely hearts

When I feel sad, I listen to broken heart music and the combo makes me double sad 🙁

Sometimes we feel lonely in the crowd

Heartbreak and sad WhatsApp quotes

If you don’t want lonely, don’t let others go down …

Only loved ones who can cure a lonely heart

Rich people are more lonely than the poor … if you smile doesn’t mean you’re happy …

Someone says very well, the most you love, destroys you the most difficult

I usually don’t sleep enough, but when I do it, it’s still not enough 🙁

Solitude is the worst thing than poverty

Smile is the best way to fool people

To hide the sadness of people, I used to smile all day long

Become lonely like crying without tears …

Laugh is a perfect medicine, to make every pain passed

I am always afraid to let people put my life because one day they will go …

Many people are important to me, but am I important for anyone?

Loneliness does not have a cure for …

If you have made someone cry, be there to remove their tears …

Feel the status of English tanhai lonely

Lonely people are the best donors

Being lonely is very important, it teaches us, we are not complete with …

Tears cannot change the past but can stop us the same mistake

Close I go to someone, the more I hurt

Only you can get me out of loneliness

Sad emotional Quotes in English

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