Emotional and Sad Quotes in English

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30+ sad quotes in English

  1. We are both perfect couples but very suitable usually burn.
  2. Very sad to see those you trust to what they promised, they will never.
  3. The saddest thing that always happens to most people loves someone who used to love them.
  4. People always say follow your heart, but unfortunately, where did you go when your heart was broken into two?
  5. Why am I still alive …?
  6. Tears are words that are difficult to explain.
  7. Never sad for what is over, at least you have had it …
  8. One of the saddest feelings in life is to have everything and still feel sad.
  9. It’s better to be alone than starting to gather yourself.
  10. The worst of all is a feeling of sadness without cause.
  11. Our sweetest songs are those who tell about our sadest thinking.
  12. I feel very sad and empty inside.
  13. You don’t have the right to please everyone.
  14. If only you can see the pain behind the smile.
  15. It hurts, but I’ll be fine … I’m used to it.
  16. I have never been alone because of loneliness always with me.
  17. I hid all my inner scars with a fake smile.
  18. No one cares about reality, they just want to know.

30+ emotional and sad Quotes in English

  1. Fake smiles can hide one billion tears.
  2. Feelings like visitors, all you have to do is let them come and go.
  3. Another word for my pain is my silence.
  4. You will never understand anything behind my smile.
  5. Most people like balloons … look bright and cheerful, but lonely and empty inside.
  6. Give them a smile and they will never see how hot you are inside.
  7. And, I’m sad. Again.
  8. I don’t want to be left alone, I want to be alone.
  9. Live alone is most often better because no one can hurt you.
  10. Sometimes when we all feel lost.
  11. I am more damaged than what is shown.
  1. Expectations have become the root of all hurt.
  2. Loneliness usually does not kill even though sometimes I hope it happens.
  3. There are some people in our lives who are like clouds. When they disappeared, it became a brighter day.
  4. This is not a status. This is to tell you that there is no status that is currently suitable for my current feelings.
  5. Some people come into your life and leave without any explanation and without saying goodbye.
  6. I always go feeling sad whenever I am ignored by what I love.
  7. Leaving your happiness in the hands of anyone gives them the right to drop it whenever they like.
  8. One of my biggest reasons for loss is hope.
  9. Sometimes, past memories can hold us back and never let us continue.
  10. The saddest thing that can happen to someone forgotten by those who can never forget.
  11. The heart that cannot be removed is always played back by the mind.
  12. He left, but the memories were still there.

30+ break heart sad quotes in English

  1. Sad feeling comes when you realize that you have been lied to, and used by those you trust.
  2. When you are too attached to someone, when they leave, you feel lost.
  3. Sad to have unwanted memories always flash again.
  4. ​​Moving is always difficult when your memory pulls you back.
  5. I admit it’s difficult, but I’m gat out of your system.
  6. Sometimes you just need to go.
  7. Sometimes you feel better stay alone!
  8. It’s okay … it looks like I was originally designed to stay alone.
  9. I usually stay inside but screamed above my voice from inside.
  10. Sad most often when you are trapped in the middle do not know whether to give up or wait.
  11. I gradually school alone not to let my happiness depend on people.
  12. Even though it’s sad, I’m used to every day hurt.
  13. Depression is sadness without a well-defined cause.
  14. I am a person who likes his legs walking far from anything that is not meant for him.
  15. Sad when someone constantly lives in your heart but it’s impossible to stay in your hands.
  16. Every time I’m too happy, something bad always happens.
  17. I am afraid of happiness because it will always end up in the opposite direction for me.
  18. No matter how close you are, people who are not meant for you will always walk away.
  1. I can take anything from anyone, but don’t lie from what I believe.
  2. One of the keys to happiness is to always remember that people are not permanent.
  3. When awkward when you think you are important to someone, just to know you don’t.
  4. Some of the saddest people on earth are the funniest people.
  5. Medication for sad most times just take a walk in the forest.
  6. It’s okay if you decide not to talk to anyone for a while.

bitter quotes in english

  1. There are people who can hurt you in an effort to heal themselves.
  2. Most people who are sad out of your life are there to teach you how to release it.
  3. I hope people can drink their words like water. Only so they will realize how bitter it is their taste.
  4. Of all the lies you say, “I love you” is my favorite.
  5. Crying in silence is the hardest form of bitterness and sadness.
  6. Most of what you have to do is smile, hold back tears, pretend everything is fine, and just walk away!
  7. Every day certainly won’t be a good day, a few days will be a sad day.
  8. I am addicted to sadness.
  9. Sadness is truly my company.
  10. I am very sad for years, and please don’t say it gets better.
  11. I’m tired of fighting. Can anyone fight for me once my whole life?
  12. Sometimes holding your saddens more than just let go.
  13. One time I miss most is times when I mean something for you.
  14. Really made me realize to know that I only exist for you when you need something.
  15. Smiling is always easier than explaining why you are sad.
  16. Nothing is more sad than having everything & but you still feel sad.
  17. Trust like paper. If you drop it, it will never be perfect anymore.
  18. If there is no sadness, happiness will not exist because they live side by side.
  19. I hope my brain has a map that will lead me where my heart must go.
  20. Right when I decided to trust someone, they gave me one reason why I shouldn’t.
  21. I hope you will know one day how big you hurt me.
  22. Sometimes love appears like a dream and suddenly disappears like a nightmare.

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