Attitude Quotes for boys (Cool Attitude status in English)

Cool attitude status in English

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1). The best part of being me is that my limited edition without another copy.

2). Take or leave, I am the best among others. Accustomed to it.

3). My girlfriend asked me to care … now I have 3 girlfriends!

4). The smooth sea will never make skilled sailors.

5). Beautiful face, beautiful body, and a terrible attitude. It is the Holy Trinity Hot Boys.

6). Don’t call it my attitude, call my style

15). Hate me or love me, I’m back

boys Attitude Status in English

16). Champions continue to practice, losers constantly complain.

17). I am a winner. I am a true competitor that can compete with anyone.

18). One naughty thinks a day helps maintain stress.

19). I want a girl who saw the fire burn in my eyes and wanted to keep playing with me.

20). The question is not who will let me; That’s who will stop me.

21). I can always forgive but I can’t always forget.

22). Forget the haters … because someone loves you.

23). Like a lion, I stay focused, chasing my dream and keep moving towards my destiny.

24). Boys don’t have the slightest instructions they say can remain in the heart of a woman

25). One of the two reasons why men remain late are they don’t have a wife to meet at home, or they do it.

26). The winner keeps trying until they are right.

27). 82% of boys have girlfriends, The remaining 18% has a brain.

28). Boys lie more, but girls lie better.

4). A man is just a patient wolf.

5). The best answer for fools is silence.

7). I boss in my house, my wife is just a decision maker.

8). There are only worse things than boys who hate you: the lelaki boy who loves you.

9). Black like night, sweet like sin.

10). I hate girls except those who read this.

11). I came from the devil, another from God.

12). I will win maybe not immediately, but surely.

13). A man who falls in love has not finished until he is married. Then he was finished.

14). I might look fat, but you look ugly – I’m glad I can lose weight!

frame of mind status in english

15). If ‘a’ plan does not work, there are still 24 other letters.

16). Patience is a virtue, I need to find it.

17). A man who has mastered patience is the ruler of everything.

18). I usually arrive late in the office, even though I managed to go early.

19). I know I’m really amazing, I don’t care about your opinion.
20). I burned my bridge so that the devil would not follow me.

21). If you think a small goal, expect a small achievement. But, think of a big goal and you will win great success.

22). I have an amazing personality, but you can see it from other ways when you mess up.

23). Don’t judge me with my past, see my prize, and I’m sure my future is really rocking.

24). Error is the evidence I tried.

25). I am a respectable man in the heart.

13). Most people like me are soft, others like a savage. But what’s important is that I like myself.

14). Even though it’s possible, don’t forget that it’s always better to be wise than being smart.

15). Tell me smart, good, cute, cute, graceful and wise – but say the truth.

16). I can’t say yes … (gentlemen never tells). But I will lie if I say no.

17). I am not savage, I only have a hard reaction to fools.

18). Your attitude will certainly hurt me, but you will definitely die because of me.

19). I always dream of being a billionaire like my father … He also dreamed.

20). Boys: I will change gay if he isn’t so sexy.

21). I don’t say you shouldn’t follow your heart, but please join with your brain
22). The road to success has never finished before, It’s always under construction.

23). Perfumes are for flowers what personality for a man.

point of view status in english

24). I was born to express not to impress.

26). I was not created handsome, but God gave me something because I always felt: funny bones.

27). Some people are very poor as far as they can’t even pay attention.

28). Life is too short to waste it, by reading someone’s status …

1). Born to be …
2). Stay single is my attitude and style.

3). God’s attitude.

4). Style is a reflection of your personality and attitude.

6). Your style is an expression of your personality without words.

7). It’s true that your attitude hurts me, but mine can kill you.

8). Only those who have big thoughts are able to get a simple style.

9). Fashion fades with time, only the style remains the same.

10). Looks good insignificant; This is actually self-esteem.

11). I don’t need to be perfect for me.

12). Why do you always check my status? Please get life!

13). If you don’t like my attitude, it stops talking to me.

14). I’m not the best but I can prove myself. If I can … you can too.

15). I am more than you see, and more than you think.

16). I am a good person by default … until you make me upset.
17). I have tried losing weight, but continue to find me every time.

18). Organized people are too lazy to look for something.

19). Ask me the question, and I will tell you there is no lie.

20). I’m not arrogant, I’m better than you!

21). Your attitude towards life will determine the life attitude towards you.

23). When you arrive at the principle problem, stand firm like a stone. When it comes to stylish problems, swimming with currents.

24). Simplicity is the highest sophistication.

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